Mark Mullings – is a Singer/Songwriter  who currently lives in West Yorkshire Huddersfield, he was born and raised in Jamaica  – as he grew up the name MacGyver which was taken from the US TV drama series MacGyver became his nicname. This he later converted to M4-GYVER.
M4GYVER from a very young age always had a love for music. At the age of eighteen he  joined the Jamaican Police Force and serve three years in Jamaica.
After leaving the force he began to develop his talent of singing and writing music – mostly rap and reggae music.  This gave him the wonderful experience of singing with a band named Ashanti.
Singing in that band opened the opportunities for us to performed with icons such as Beanie Man, Yassus Affari, Tony Rebel, Terry Linen, Professor Nuts and  Bounty Killer – just to list a few.
In 2001 he migrated to England in search of greater opportunities.
M4GYVER enrolled in the British Army where he served eight years. During his service he’s done war fighting and peace keeping tours in Iraq on two separate occasions.
M4GYVER– Recorded his first Album called Miscellaneous with Guess Production Studio in London.  This first Album consists of Nine Tracks all with different Sounds and Styles.
The Miscellaneous Album is Available to Purchase on ITunes and all other online digital distribution services.
He also has a Catalogue of written Songs for future Recordings.  M4GYVER is currently Promoting his Album with a second Album set to release this summer – 2017.
M4gyver can be found Performing in Night Clubs – at Private Parties – Public Talent Shows – Carnivals and festivals in and around UK.
He released the first Single from his Album Miscellaneous called Moneyman as a club Remix in June 2015.
TELL:07760996061 UK
+4407760996061 OSS